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Visionary Awards

The Visionary Awards, presented at GamesBeat Summit, are a celebration of the most forward-thinking and innovative leaders in the video game industry. These awards recognize those who have dared to take a daring, visionary approach to shaping the future of gaming, forging new paths that have mesmerized audiences and redefined the very nature of video games.

The honorees of the Visionary Awards are the very best of the gaming industry, boldly challenging the limits of what can be achieved and propelling the evolution of gaming in electrifying new directions. Whether they are masterful developers, creative designers, or savvy entrepreneurs, these leaders have shown remarkable insight into the gaming landscape and an unwavering determination to chart an audacious course forward.

The Visionary Awards stand as a triumphant celebration of these trailblazers, showcasing their monumental contributions to the video game industry and inspiring others to follow in their unpredictable, game-changing footsteps. By shining a spotlight on the most groundbreaking and forward-thinking individuals in gaming, the Visionary Awards act as a guiding light for the future of the industry, inciting new generations of leaders to surpass the boundaries of possibility and manifest their own bold visions for the future of gaming.

Individual Awards:

Visionary Award:
The Visionary Award is bestowed upon an individual who has demonstrated a remarkable ability to envision the future of the video game industry. This accolade is reserved for a true leader who possesses a rare combination of foresight, creativity, and innovation, and whose trailblazing efforts have propelled the industry into uncharted territory. The Visionary Award winner is forward thinking, a maverick, and a force to be reckoned with, whose deep understanding of the ever-changing gaming landscape has allowed them to stay one step ahead of the game, leveraging emerging trends, technologies, and platforms to create immersive and unforgettable gaming experiences.

Up and Comer Award:
The Up and Comer Award is a celebration of a rising star in the video game industry, whose boundless potential and outstanding achievements have earned them a place among the elite of the gaming world. This award is not limited by age or experience, but rather recognizes the impressive accomplishments and incredible promise of an individual. The recipient of the Up and Comer Award is a true standout, a game-changer who has already made a significant impact on the industry and whose future holds limitless possibilities. This award is a testament to the honoree’s talent, drive, and vision, and a testament to the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for the future of gaming.


  • Ted Price, Insomniac
  • Richard Vogel, T-Minus Zero
  • Rami Ismail, Games Industry Studio & Project Advisor
  • Riana Manuel-Peña, D&R Media Consulting
  • Danny Peña, Gamertag Radio
  • Ivan Fernandez Lobo, Gamelab
  • Don Daglow, Advisor – Game Narrative Designer
  • Perrin Kaplan, Zebra Partners
  • Elizabeth Olson, PR & BizDev Consulting
  • Chelsea Blasko, Iron Galaxy
  • Jenna Seiden, Skydance
  • Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat

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