Speaker Bio

Susanna Pollack

Susanna Pollack is the President of Games for Change, the leading global advocate for the power of games and immersive media as drivers of social impact. As a social entrepreneur and cross-sector leader, Susanna has over 25 years of experience advancing ambitious social impact goals through traditional and interactive media. At Games for Change, Susanna leads a global nonprofit and community dedicated to using games to tackle real-world challenges, from humanitarian conflicts to climate change and education. She has initiated dozens of G4C’s world-class events, public arcades, design challenges, and youth programs in partnership with clients like American Express, Verizon, AARP, United Nations, Epic Games, Carnegie Foundation, Autodesk, and Ad Council.

Under her leadership, G4C has been widely recognized for innovative programs and cross-sector impact, receiving a Classy Award, an Anthem Award, a Shorty Impact Award, and an Engage for Good Halo Award. Susanna has been named on the Nonprofit Times Power & Influence Top 50 List and the Worthy 100 List. Prior to Games for Change, Susanna worked across the commercial and public sectors, including a 14-year stint in various SVP positions at BBC Worldwide.