Speaker Bio

Farah Sutton

Farah Sutton is a seasoned Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) professional with a decade of experience spearheading the development of global DEI strategies and initiatives aimed at fostering inclusive work environments.

Farah is the Director of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) at Riot Games where she leads a global team focused on creating and executing partnerships and programming that address the regional and local complexities where Riot Games operates, championing authentically diverse representation in products, amplifying underserved players and communities, and nurturing brand and community trust. Farah recently spent six months in EMEA integrating Riot’s D&I strategy across regions. Prior to joining Riot Games, Farah launched the Posse Bay Area chapter of the Posse Foundation, serving as the Executive Director. Alongside her team, Farah tripled the number of Bay Area university partners, doubled the size of the advisory board exceeding revenue targets, and grew the team from two to 10 employees.

Farah’s personal and work life are centered around creating spaces where all people are valued, celebrated, and able to offer their unique contributions. Her commitment to fostering inclusivity and unlocking opportunity exists beyond her work. She is a board member of the Posse Foundation and is a mentor and career coach to youth with various education and access non-profits. Farah graduated from the University of Wisconsin and holds an M.Ed from the University of Michigan. Originally from Lebanon and raised in Chicago, she now resides in Los Angeles with her husband.